Evendes works with the principles of quality and timely delivery in compliance with the laws of the country, environment and related standards, which will ensure customer satisfaction.

By closely following the developing furniture models, constantly educating our employees who are the basis of our success in this direction, to ensure their heartfelt participation in our quest for quality, to improve our product, service quality continuously. It is accepted as the basic and indispensable quality policy of our organization.

Our quality team continuously follows the developments in the furniture sector and aims to offer the best quality furniture for sale without compromising on visual and ergonomic quality in this field. All of the raw material apparatus, connection systems and furniture accessories used by our suppliers during the production stage are quality certified.

Our policy is to meet the demands of all kinds of reliable and continuous quality of the industry without compromising the pioneer in the industry closely following the developing technology, honesty and after-sales service, giving great importance to time planning and quality by keeping in the forefront of the principle of itself to produce new values ​​for its employees and society.