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This table has been sold

If you order this table, I will produce a similar table for you

because the pattern of each tree is independent of each other.

This Epoxy Resin Table is manufactured with blue resin

(We can make all epoxy resin color you want)

This unique beauty table,

made of solid walnut wood.

Filled with epoxy resin.

Table leg models are on my list.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for different leg models you want

- Products sold in the picture. An example of what they will do for you.

Looks like a listed table.

A unique piece of wood.

The unique combination of wooden rings shows the effect of color changes.


Width: 29.5 "- 75cm

Depth: 67 "- 170cm

Height: 29.5 - 75cm

Note: We can produce all sizes of the table, please feel free to write us for the size you want

Thank you!


Kind Regards

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